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Consistent and Sustainable Income through solid Risk Management

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Special Christmas Gift
LTOptions Course at a 33% discount during the Year End Holidays.
From $120 down to $80. Lifetime membership. No recurring fees.

A proven framework of rules without subjectivity where you clearly know what to do at each point to obtain consistent gains.
Great fit for the average person with a full time job. No need to be glued to the charts all day.
An effective, realistic and honest approach to the business of selling options without further upsells or marketing BS.

What you get:

  • 35 Video episodes: more than 8 hours of video covering 3 months of trading on a real money account.
  • A pdf guide of 74 pages that covers all the details of the trading methodology.
For a detailed breakdown of contents covered take a peek at the LT Options Contents Summary
  • Five additional ebooks covering topics from exquisite risk management techniques to trading the Lazy Elephant position.
  • Access to the Q&A section for additional knowledge that is frequently being updated.
  • Personal access and support from yours truly.
  • Immediate access to Weekend Portfolio Analysis with my game plan every week (available to the rest of the audience one week later).

LT Options will show you:

  • Ideal circumstances for selling credit spreads. When to sell a spread vs when to sell an Iron Condor.
  • How to read a short-term market extreme.
  • Trades management
    • Entries: first and secondary trades of an expiration cycle. When to enter new positions? Strike prices selection. Expected credits to receive. Capital allocation.
    • Diversification of positions over time and across the prices spectrum to reduce risk.
    • Beta weighting positions to understand their differences and manage portfolio risk more effectively.
    • How to estimate, well in advance, at which point an existing position will be threatened and in need for adjustment.
    • Adjustmets: How to protect positions gone bad. Estimation of losses in advance. Historical worst case scenarios.
    • Exits: When to close early, when to not make adjustments, when to take all the way to expiration.
  • Vital differences between Call Spreads and Put spreads. How to manage each case, from entries to adjustments to exits.
  • Trading costs and how to mitigate them.
  • Impact of volatility in options trading.
  • Seasonality in trading. What is it? Where to find the numbers? How can it be used to your advantage?
  • How to review your portfolio in less than 10 minutes and design an effective, no-hesitation action plan for the days ahead.
  • Technical analysis for the Options Seller. Where is this market not likely to go? Trend lines, Divergences, distances between an instrument's price and its own moving averages, support and resistance areas.
  • The mental part of the game: patience, avoiding herd mentality, understanding the financial media and markets' noise.
  • Anti-crash protection. How to effectively deal with market crashes and successfully avoid large draw-downs.
  • Opportunistic long options plays with limited risk and unlimited upside potential. How to lock-in gains while staying in the position.
  • BONUS STRATEGY: You also get details about a new strategy I created: The Lazy Elephant, which solves some of the problems of traditional Iron Condors.
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Read a Sample chapter from the book

  • Sample Chapter (When everything fails).pdf
    An analysis of the worst drawdowns the strategy could suffer when facing some of the most devastating sell offs and some of the strongest bull market rallies seen in history.


  • For transparency I offer my own Results using the LTOptions approach. The Results section is updated monthly.
  • Note: Not everybody obtains the same results. It depends on which particular symbol you choose for each cycle; the credit you obtain; your broker's commissions ; how well you are managing anti-crash protection. That being said, if all the same principles are applied, you should end up with a smooth equity curve with very well controlled draw-downs.

Thanks from The Lazy Trader

At I have been, for years, openly discussing my Investment ideas; Forex systems and all of my Options trades with 100% transparency, publicly tracking my performance and measuring the effectiveness of my strategies as time goes by. Out of all that, Options trading has become my number one passion.

This site contains all the details of my approach to Options trading and it is the direct result of my own experience with real skin in the game. Overtime I have developed a robust framework of rules for trading options, perfected by the tons of lessons I have learned. I strongly believe in its effectiveness at minmizing draw downs while providing a sustainable, smooth and upward moving equity curve.

This trading style is based on selling Credit Spreads and Iron Condors in indexes such as SPX and RUT. It can also be applied to their corresponding ETFs: SPY and IWM. It is simple to understand and easy to execute. With some practice you will spend less than an hour per week analyzing your positions and planning the next defensive and offensive moves. You will see that selling options, especially options in indexes, is not rocket science and can turn into a consistently profitable activity.

When it comes to selling options, it is easy to put high probability trades and be successful for a while, until "that day" happens. Selling options is serious business: you win most of the time, but your eventual losses can get ugly if they are not properly controlled. Ultimately, what defines your long term success as an options seller is your ability to keep a consistent approach at order entry with a concise edge; your ability to build positions that spread risk over time and across the price spectrum of the market so that no more than one of them can be threatened at the same time; your planning ahead of all possible market moves and your unequivocal action plan for each one of them. Finally, a solid risk management technique when things go wrong and your positions need adjustments. Offering concrete, detailed solutions to all these challenges is at the core of this system.

If you have had a hard time staying consistently profitable; if you have been burned following trades from a newsletter; or even if you follow a service that has made you some money, this material will help you. I believe trading newsletters are a stage in your evolution. A stage that all successful traders eventually grow out of. They say don't give the man a fish, show him how to fish instead. That's the goal. That's what I would have needed back when I was just being scammed and ripped off out there. Generating your own ideas and trading them with confidence is the only road to being truly free and successful as a trader in the long run. You don't need a 'guru'. You only need to learn to be your own 'guru'.

So, here it is, detailed to the last minutiae and yours forever. Every thing I do, how I do it, when I do it and the reasons behind each action. The best part: it's all concentrated in just one place, in both video and text format and you get my dedicated support.

I know this material has is all to improve your trading.
If you have any questions don't be a stranger. Drop me a line at or and I'll be glad to answer.

Here's to your success!

What LTOptions is and what it is not

LTOptions contains the details of my trading style in Videos and pdf eBooks. It describes the mechanics and principles of my strategy to the last detail, so that people can learn a few cool things and adopt them if they want, or customize to their needs.

Due to my own experience, I'm in general against trading alert services. For this reason, I believe the best way is to offer people the path to learn to trade with confidence themselves and become their "own gurus".

LTOptions is not a trading newsletter where you receive instant trade alerts via sms or emails. I do, however, disclose my own positions and write up Weekend Portfolio Analysis articles as an additional way to help members and to keep myself accountable.


  • LT Options Trading Course – A Review
    An independent review by Aram Basmadjian from Aram is a legit seasoned trader so this review means a lot to me. This was not a paid review. Aram is a real customer who bought the course and he is not affiliated with The Lazy Trader. In other words, he did not receive a single penny for his review.
  • Review – Learn To Trade Iron Condors & Vertical Spreads
    An independent review by Dan Neagoy from Dan is also an experienced trader with more than 15 years of scars in the markets, which makes his opinion really stand out. Dan is not affiliated with LTOptions. He did not receive any sort of monetary compensation for his review as he clearly points out.
  • "Nice work Henrik. This is the only website I recommend for people to learn how to trade credit spreads. You are very transparent, honest and professional in all my years of interacting with you."
    - Jonathan. San Francisco, California, USA. Long term follower since 2012.
  • "I bought your LT Options and I enjoyed it and learned a lot. It is very well explained in a simple manner (without complicating it) and I especially loved your chapters on Adjusting. Thanks for taking the time to write/create this course and help others."
    - Natarajan. New Jersey, USA.
  • "Impressive. I had never seen such a solid system for Credit Spread trading. I particularly enjoyed the trading technique for dealing with market crashes. Simply Fantastic!"
    - Harold. Pittsburgh, USA.
  • "Great book and great videos. Definitely a bargain for this value. Thanks for putting together some serious piece of work."
    - Alex. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • "I am enjoying trading SPX condors very much, using a combination of your methods and others. Thanks for the strategy, and your course was probably the best trading investment I've ever made!"
    - Steve. Seattle, USA.
  • "Very impressive, indeed! I've been checking out your website and can't say enough wonderful things about it, its creator, and its contributor. Thank you for being such an honest and straight up guy in and industry filled with frauds, liars, and sanctimonius self presenting prophetic false award winning guru hucksters. What a breath of fresh air!"
    - Perry. Florida, USA.